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Thread: Jobless man threatens to burn self

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    Default Jobless man threatens to burn self

    Jobless man threatens to burn self

    (06-07) 04:35 PDT Santa Barbara, Calif. (AP) --
    A 41-year-old man who was despondent over being out of work threatened to set himself ablaze outside a store in Santa Barbara.
    Officials say Christopher Michael Payne had a gas can a couple of lighters Friday and was threatening to douse himself with gas then ignite the liquid.
    An ensuing standoff between him and police officers lasted more than an hour.
    Firefighters ultimately sprayed Payne with foam and officers rushed him and took him into custody.
    No one was hurt.

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    Good job man, now you are INFINITELY employable ... companies are scrambling to put together a recruiting package ... *sigh* this is so sad.

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    i had to laugh. the thread title said 'jobless man threatens to burn self' then i look at the last poster, and its Burnt toast lol
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    I SWEAR the shit that makes news today...jeeeeeze.

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    What a doofus. Everyone will want to hire him now! Sure.
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