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Thread: Paul Newman says he's too old for acting

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    Cool Paul Newman says he's too old for acting

    Aw, I guess we won't be seeing a reunion with Redford then... I guess that's a good thing in a way.. Should have happened 15-20 years ago, if it happened at all.

    Paul Newman says he's too old for acting - Yahoo! News
    Paul Newman says he's given up acting. "I'm not able to work anymore as an actor at the level I would want to," Newman, 82, told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Thursday. "You start to lose your memory, your confidence, your invention. So that's pretty much a closed book for me."

    Newman, star of films such as "Hud," "Cool Hand Luke" and "Butch Sundance Kid," added: "I've been doing it for 50 years. That's enough."

    He has other plates spinning. Newman plans to focus on the Dressing Room, his new organic restaurant in Westport, Conn., and his Hole in the Wall Gang camps for critically ill children.

    His Newman's Own brand of dressings, pasta sauces, popcorn and salsa has raised more than $200 million for charities.

    Newman, who won an Oscar for his leading role in 1986's "The Color of Money," was last seen — or heard, rather — as the voice of Doc Hudson in the 2006 animated feature "Cars."

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    He's had an incredible career. Their marriage is legendary, his sense of charity and his contributions are stellar. He's a legend. I heart Paul.

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    He's one of the very few who kept both his feet planted firmly on the ground and didn't fall into the trap of believing stuff they wrote and said about him.
    Great no nonsense guy.
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    I adore Paul Newman. FAntastic actor, extremely intelligent and someone who seems to have lived his life with integrity. It'll be sad to not see him in anything else.
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    A living legend! He aged gracefully fo' sho'

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    Newman's probably the only actor I can say I love and admire not only for his work.

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    I hope he changes his mind. There is no one who even comes close to him acting wise right now. He's a charming, real guy.
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    I didn't realise that he was 80+!!!! He's a brilliant man, in his charitable contributions from his food company.
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