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Thread: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: who buys it?

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    Default Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: who buys it?

    Just wondering who really buys their "marriage."
    Isn't it kindof odd that, on their honeymoon, they looked BORED?
    Then, scant months later, he's in rehab?

    What's going on???

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    Well first, they don't have to spent every second together, canoodling. That'd be pathetic and sticky. As for the honeymoon, I've seen pictures of them just sitting on the porch next to each other. I would also enjoy just sitting with my husband on the porch and watch the view. There's nothing wrong with not having sex 24/7.

    I read that Keith went to rehab first because he's addicted. Secondly, because he wants to show Tom that he is reliable and that he is not bad influence on Connor and Izabela.

    So bottom line is: I do think that Nicole and Keith have real marrige.

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    I think they are real also. And I hope they make it for the long haul.

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    Don't buy it. I think it's all a big publicity 'thing'. Why? Don't know.....that's the puzzling part. He seems miserable.

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    I think they are for real... I donot think she would have had the "whole catholic wedding thing" if she did not mean it.. Look how she married Tom.
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