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Thread: Harry Styles - Vogue's first solo male cover star

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalasnake View Post
    I've never paid attention to Harry Styles before, but in these Clients he reminds me of Jeff from Coupling (Richard Coyle), & Jeff's pretty hot.
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    I don’t necessarily find him hot but I like the fact that’s he clearly comfortable in his own skin and that is an attractive quality.

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    That first dress is ugly. I like all the kilts.

    He looks awkward and uncomfortable in a lot of these, like the clothes are wearing him.
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    He definitely doesn't have Ezra Miller's edge (who has :p ) but I also like that he feels comfortable enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants. After all, a century ago no woman would wear trousers and it's completely normal today so who's to say how men's looks are going to evolve.
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    No thanks. Don't find him attractive, in or out of a dress.
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    I don't find him attractive either, but I love these pics.
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    He's not a "face" to me. He's got his base who have probably torn out all the pages and stuck them to their walls while buying more magazines for their collection.

    Mind you, I have NO idea how I conjured up that scenario.

    I'm going to post some rock stars looking very happy and festive in drag in the never seen before photo section. In fact, they all look very comfortable in their skin.

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    I'll be the one with the unpopular opinion, but I think he has a very interesting face with beautiful features. I don't understand where they are going with this photoshoot and all his outfits being way too big - they'd look bad on anyone (and in his case, they seem to highlight his short torso).
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