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Thread: Hailey Baldwin - Elle UK Magazine - July 2017

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    Default Hailey Baldwin - Elle UK Magazine - July 2017

    On not liking the term ďInsta StarĒ: Itís not fair, because I work my a** off to make what I have and to prove that this is what I want to do. I want to be a model. I donít want to be an Insta model, nor am I an Insta model. I donít think I would be where I am if people didnít see something in me. I put all my modelling [photos] on my Instagram because Iím showing it to people. Itís not about me getting paid to model for things on Instagram Ė of course, sometimes we do get paid for things we do for Instagram and Twitter Ė but there is a line of calling someone an Insta model or an Insta star. Donít ever call me that because it really hurts my feelings and itís disrespectful.Ē

    On her spiritual values:
    ďI quote the Bible all the time. I take it into my everyday life, Iím quite serious about it. Itís not funny when people joke about it; I actually find it quite offensive. Itís something thatís really important to me and Iíve seen it change a lot of peopleís lives. It certainly did in my family [her father Stephen became a born-again fundamentalist after September 11]. Itís something I plan to stick to for the rest of my life Ė raise my kids that way, marry someone who believes in the same things. Itís important to me.Ē

    On having different political views to her family: ďIíve differed with my dad on pretty much everything in politics, especially lately, but Iím 100% my own personÖIt is what is it. Theyíre my family at the end of the day. I love them to death, but itís never going to permanently change anything for me. Iíve always had my own thoughts on politics.Ē

    "T„o estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguťm suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    I like some of what she says, and roll my eyes at most of it.

    Problem is, I get all these Baldwin girls mixed up - Hailey, Hilarious, the rude obnoxious pig one... I don't know who's who.

    Oh yeah - and I don't care. (shrugs)

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    I wonder why she thinks it's disrespectful. That's what she is, if she models on there and gets paid by instagram.
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    except for the cut out part in the middle, i really like the last dress and sunglasses. but not the pink bow.
    "The wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. He is in front of it."...Axel Munthe

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    I think this one looks better than the other one but I get them mixed up too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkbunnyslippers View Post
    I wonder why she thinks it's disrespectful. That's what she is, if she models on there and gets paid by instagram.
    Exactly, and thanks to Instagram she's getting these modelling jobs because of her followers otherwise no one would care. She's hardly a serious model or supermodel.

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    I'd like to age like sea glass.


    Someone wore that last dress to something..... Im gonna have to look for it. This is the best Ive ever seen her look.

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    ^Lady Gaga?

    I actually like those pictures.

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