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Thread: Matthew Perry is engaged to 'the greatest woman on the face of the planet'

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    19 is legal so I don’t get why she wants to “make people aware of old Hollywood actors hitting on young women”, like that’s a new thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ConstanceSpry View Post
    19 is legal so I don’t get why she wants to “make people aware of old Hollywood actors hitting on young women”, like that’s a new thing.
    Because she’s a fame whore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConstanceSpry View Post
    19 is legal so I don’t get why she wants to “make people aware of old Hollywood actors hitting on young women”, like that’s a new thing.
    They just pestered me. Let's be honest, only maniacs with mental disorders. All other men, of course, can show interest, but without encouragement from the woman, they are unlikely to cross the border. So, if we talk about who molested whom, you should not encourage, so that later there would be no reason to complain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    "You could have knocked me over with a feather!" an utterly shocked Woody Allen was heard to exclaim about this news. "I'm glad my hero Charlie Chaplin isn't alive to see this!"
    "OOooooOOONnnnnA!!!! get over here!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    WTF is a 19 year old doing on Raya?
    right? sounds like a high end escort service/blackmailing situation. i have no freaking idea what it is, just glanced at the description, sketchy.

    random speculation - well at least he wasn't gross with the raya girl. maybe he's lonely (maybe it's grooming). sounds like he maybe has a pattern of a wandering eye, girfriend/fiance finds out, dumps him, he relapses. or, he's bored playing 20 questions with randos on an elite app. soon he's relapsing and his girlfriend dumps him. or, maybe they amicably broke up and he had emergency dental surgery! schtill schwollen!

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    So talking to a 19 y/o and playing 20 questions is creepy? He never got sexual or inappropriate but he's still creepy and needs to be outed? Sure he's fishing, that's what the app is for and she's on it so she's fishing too. Uh, maybe when he found out she was 19 he kept it clean?

    this "gotcha" culture is pathetic. And a disservice to women who face actual sexual harassment.
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    I'm sure a lot of men in Hollywood are using dating apps to hook up with young women, but I guess I don't see the big deal here. She signed up for an exclusive dating app that celebrities use. Should Perry have backed off when he found out she was 19? Sure. But nobody forced her to keep talking to him. It doesn't sound like he was inappropriate.

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    That story might as well have just said ‘51-year-old has conversation with 19-year-old’.
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    I'm sure it's quite an ego boost for a 51 year man (even a famous and rich one) to be able to have the opportunity of engagement in even in a non-sexual conversation with a 19 year old female.

    It's also quite pathetic.

    There really are no victims here. Especially not Matthew Perry.

    As for her... She's 19. It's 2021 and the internet/social media age. This is what can happen to you now.

    If you are famous and don't want people knowing your business or seeing you at your most pathetic, maybe have sense enough not to do things like this. Maybe stick to therapy for your issues instead.
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    Why does he look like Harry Truman in the original post?
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