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Thread: Christina Aguilera’s rough night out

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    I've never really liked her, but as long as she's not breast feeding, or the alcohol is somehow out of her body by the time she does, who gives a fuck if she got drunk? Did they forget this is Ms Dirrty Xtina? Her being drunk is about the least controversial thing she's ever done.

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    Who cares, she doesnt look THAT bad anyway. And they could just be bad pictures. Doesn't anyone look awful when they're drunk?

    Reportedly she needs a ladder on wheels to access her shoe collection, and likes to keep things on display so that she can admire her accessories.
    She told press, “I have loads of wig-heads for hats and a shoe-wall filled from floor to ceiling. It even has a ladder on wheels, a bit like an old library, so I can scoot along and get what I want quickly.”
    Oh goodness, does it make anyone else sick!?

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    just another freak in the freak kingdom

    Default makes me...envious.
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    oh cut her some slack - she's just enjoying a night out sans baby with her husband. The makeup could be toned down just a wee bit, I'll concur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    Anyone else think she's chanelling Cyndi Lauper in those pictures?
    Yeah, or a washed up Lucille Ball.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    Anyone else think she's chanelling Cyndi Lauper in those pictures?

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    ^^or Hatchet face.
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    ^ Or Leatherface.

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