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Thread: New couple alert: Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone

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    Default New couple alert: Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone

    New Couple Alert: Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone

    Posted On: November 28, 2008

    McCauley Culkin’s baby brother, Kieran Culkin, is all gown up and hookin’ up on set with Paper Man co-star Emma Stone. Kieran and Emma have been getting cozy nearly every night at the Backyard Bar in Montauk where they are location filming.
    The insider adds, “They seem to get along well and have spent time there, just the two of them… closing down the bar in the wee hours of the morning.”
    Here’s hoping that that this Culkin is better looking in real life than in print…yikes. Those poor Culkin kids grow out of their cutest way too fast.

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    I always remember the Culkins when people go on about how adorable their children are.

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    I just assumed Culkin was about 16... silly, really, since he's been around forever. He looks like that Tony feller from Blackadder.

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    She better make sure Fuller goes easy on the pepsi...otherwise he might pee all over her!

    ^^Sorry, I had to! Home Alone was on yesterday...hehe.

    Alright, now in all seriousness he along with Macaulay and their youngest brother, Rory are all very talented actors. Kieran was great in 'Igby goes down,' and Rory was just as great in 'Mean Creek.'

    Although, I hate to say it but Kieran always looks high in photos...all of the Culkin brothers seem to have a sad, troubled look about them...they seem broken. I remember reading that they had a very stressful and dysfunctional home life...(which who hasn't, right?)

    I'd like to see Macaulay in more movies! I thought he was excellent in 'Party Monster,' and 'Saved!'

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    i like kieran. i think he's my favourite culkin.
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    All grown up he looks like someone I dated briefly.
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    I think he's scary looking

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