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Thread: Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson putting together new Newlywed show?

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    Default Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson putting together new Newlywed show?

    Doesn't Papa Joe realize that reality shows kill relationships? Yeah, that douche doesn't care. He only cares about how much many his whores can bring in. OK! Magazine is reporting that Papa is currently trying to get a deal together for Ass and Pete to star in "Newlyweds" for MTV. Jessica and Nick starred in the first Newlyweds and we all know how that ended.
    A source said, He knows that no one cared about Jessica before her reality show, and hes hoping a show for Ashlee will have the same effect." I've got news. If this bitch gave all of us $1,000 in cash, we still wouldn't care about her. Okay, we would pretend to care about her, but only after we spent it all on sex toys and candy.
    Papa apparently thinks that Asshole and Pete would be perfect for a reality show, because they are getting married and having a baby.
    Personally, I would rather see a reality show starring Papa Joe. Oh scratch that. We already have "To Catch A Predator."
    P.S. - Asshole's new shitty CD sold 47,000 copies and debuted at No. 4 on Billboard. This is her first CD to not debut at No.1. Poor Ass. She should cry into daddy's arms. Seriously, she should, because that would make his week.

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    Good Lord, why?

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    I guess Papa Joe doesn't learn from his mistakes. Poor Pete's just a pawn...
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    That is just sick!!!!

    You'd think he'd try to disassociate Ashlee from the press right now, but no!
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    Ashlee's already had a reality show, and people still aren't interested in her. Newlyweds Nick and Jessica worked because they were both attractive, upbeat celebrities who were marginally likable and interesting as a couple, and people felt that they could identify with them. Ashlee and her boyfriend are both losers who have little to no appeal.

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