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Thread: Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne Cash to undergo brain surgery

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    Default Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne Cash to undergo brain surgery

    Rosanne Cash is scheduled for brain surgery in New York after having been diagnosed with a "rare but benign condition," according to a special announcement on the singer-songwriter's Web site.

    "Rosanne is expected to make a full recovery and will return to the studio to complete the recording of her debut for Manhattan Records," says the posting. "Ms. Cash will also resume her live performance schedule in the spring and will complete a new book to be published by Viking in early 2009."

    Cash is the Grammy-winning, 52-year-old daughter of the legendary Man in Black, Johnny Cash, and his first wife, Vivian Cash.

    During the course of her own long career, Cash has had more than 20 top-40 country hits, with 11 reaching No. 1.

    Tour Dates Canceled

    Because of the operation, she has canceled the remaining four dates of her Black Cadillac album tour.

    The album is about the loss of her stepmother, June Carter Cash, her father, stepsister Rosey Nix Adams and her mother all within a two-year period. Vivian Liberto Cash Distin passed away on the New York-based Cash's 50th birthday.

    Rosanne Cash to Undergo Brain Surgery - Health, Roseanne Cash :

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    Prayers for a quick recovery. Its almost as though the Cash's have this strange Shakespearean / Greek tragedy curse hanging over their lives. But JR and June will always be an incredible love story.

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    I was gonna say - she's got enough tragedy to write her own country song, doesn't she??

    which reminds me of this joke I heard once:
    What do you get when you play a country song backwards?
    You get your wife back
    You get your house back
    You get your dog back...
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
    twitchy molests my signature!

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    I've always liked Rosanne, and wish her a quick and full recovery.

    I agree, the Carter/Cash family has had more than its share of tragedy.

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