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Thread: Oprah Winfrey gets her own YouTube channel

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    Default Oprah Winfrey gets her own YouTube channel

    Oprah Winfrey just launched her very own YouTube Channel on Friday. Winfrey’s own production house, Harpo Productions has announced a partnership with the video site. The channel comprises of various clips from the show, as well as a special “Oprah cam” which will give users access to behind the scenes footage of her hit talk show, highlights from guests’ appearances, and videos that Winfrey had shot herself. “We are excited to be working with YouTube to provide another platform for people online to communicate with us and share in some of the one-of-a-kind experiences that occur behind-the-scenes at ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’”said president of Harpo Productions, Tim Bennett. As part of the deal, there will also be a special episode dedicated to people made famous from their YouTube videos, including Tyson the skateboarding dog and Judson Laipply,the creator the much-streamed Evolution of Dance clip. The 53-year old star has also booked has booked YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen to appear on her show in order to kick off interest in the new channel. Check it out here.
    Oprah Winfrey gets her own YouTube channel by Glamboulevard - MyItThings Magazine

    Lord Almighty, she's taking over the world one media outlet at a time...

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    It's good that Oprah is a pioneer and all with her media empire, but when is enough enough? Overexposure anyone?
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    I'm so sick of this biatch.

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    oh good, more self important subtle racism on the internet. What's next?
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    maybe she can finally show her and Gayle in their alone time.
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    My gawd! Bitch has her hands in everything!

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    Oprah cam Such a modest little petal.

    What an ego tripper. Talk about being in love with the sound of her own name.

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