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Thread: Jan Michael Vincent: How sad!

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    Poor guy, I am so glad i am not famous, eehhh. Imagine being stalked by people the whole time you are famous and never been left alone to muck up your life, constantly being photographed and haunted by the media. God that would make me insane and probably put me into a state of depression and insanity.
    I'd want to kick there arse all the time - literally all the time.
    No wonder famous people turn to drugs and booze, I dont blame them at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentOrange View Post
    Things really started to go wrong for JMV during Airwolf. I hear that he was taking a lot of cocaine. Not that anyone in the entertainment industry would hold that against him. However when he beat the living crap out of his 15 year old girlfriend, people became concerned. He got off with a warning, but he did it again. This time the girl needed about 25 stitches to close up her face. Airwolf was cancelled faster than you could say "Stacey Keach", and JMV hasn't worked very much since.
    The FUCK??? I didn't know all of this. I knew that he'd gone off the rails because of booze and coke, but he beat up his underaged girlfriend? Damn...I got nothing.

    This hasn't been a good week for teen idols and the folks who loved them.
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