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Thread: Instagram page shows just how strange NC's housing market is right now

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    Default Instagram page shows just how strange NC's housing market is right now

    Instagram page shows just how strange NC's housing market is right now

    Posted August 28, 2021 3:05 p.m. EDT
    Updated August 28, 2021 3:27 p.m. EDT

    By Maggie Brown, WRAL multiplatform producer
    The Instagram account @zillowgonewild is shedding light on how odd the housing market is right now.
    The page features dozens of out-there Zillow listings, with a handful of them from North Carolina.
    Clemmons, NC

    This $1.9 million home in Clemmons comes with a beautiful view of Lasater Lake.

    The home is a fully-operational mill, according to a Zillow listing for the property.

    The 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom mill used to be owned by Robert E. Lasater.
    Wilmington, NC

    Zillow photos from a $215,000 home in Wilmington shows a surprise in the kitchen -- a Dance Dance Revolution stage.
    Guess you need to work off those carbs somehow.

    A second home from Wilmington posted by @Zillowgonewild shows a glamorous home sitting on the Intracoastal Waterway. The more than 10,000-square foot home is on the market for $6.9 million.

    The driveway of the estate features a large, perfectly shaped avocado.
    Ayden, NC

    If you've ever wanted a dome home, you can buy one in Ayden, North Carolina.

    Bright blue dome house goes up for sale in North Carolina

    The two-story home, listed on for $185,000, has one bedroom and one bathroom. The 883-square foot dwelling sits on a 10-acre lot on a rural road 20 minutes outside of Greenville.

    The first floor has a 16-foot ceiling, according to the post, and the dome shape makes it quite a sight.
    Raleigh, NC

    This 5,700-square foot home in Raleigh has a funky vibe, with swinging beds and an indoor pool.

    The home in the Crabtree neighborhood sold for $795,000 in May.

    Another home featured on the Instagram account was dubbed the "Star Wars" home. The $1.5 million mansion on Lockhart Lane in Raleigh is more than 8,000-square foot.

    Zillow pictures feature the home's movie room, which is decked out in Star Wars decorations.

    There's also a mini bar near the movie room, which is supposed to mirror Darth Vader's lair.
    Hickory, NC

    Another 5-bedroom home in Hickory, North Carolina, sold for $275,000, despite one major flaw.
    See if you can spot it in the photos below.

    Charlotte, NC

    Another home in Charlotte, which @zillowgonewild calls the "Mullet House" is all business in the front and party in the back.

    The home sold for $760,000 two months ago. The historic house was built in the early 1900s, and "reinvented" by an Australian Architect.

    "Its modest street front conceals an awe-inspiring transition to a sanctuary of floor-to ceiling glass, polished concrete floors, fenced rear yard and terrace," according to
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    I think the markets are all pretty crazy right now. I know people in my neighborhood who put their houses up because demand is high and they were able to cash in on that. We went from no houses for sale to 6 or 7 on my street alone. Most of those have sold and 3 more have been listed.

    I saw a post on twitter for a house in DC that basically looked like a burned out crack house and they wanted like $350k for it. The listing only showed one interior photo and it was sooo bad you can imagine what the rest looked like if that was the best pic they could find.
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