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Thread: Sting & Trudie Styler's town house in London

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    Default Sting & Trudie Styler's town house in London

    As they tackled the ground floor, Mindel recalls, “We asked ourselves, ‘How can we make each room seem spacious and connected to the outdoors?’ ” Part of the solution was to install a large skylight and glaze the rear wall to bring in natural illumination from the gardens above and just outside the family and dining rooms. Rogers & Goffigon windowpane plaid.

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    I only like the music room and garden.
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    Just how many lights does one kitchen need? I don't like any of it except perhaps the skylights over the dining table. And you just know that all that artwork is original and worth millions.
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    ugh, bastards have two yves klein pigment filled coffee tables. i hate them. i'd settle for just one (the blue).

    as for the rest of the house, i like the blue sofa in the first picture, and that room as a whole doesn't bother me too much though i'd change the side tables and lamps and that ugly leather pouf would go.
    the rest of the house is ok but looks too much like a professional decorator did it and not enough like an actual home. and that music room with the red leather armchairs is just bad. those chairs need to die in a fire and take the carpet with them.
    i'll take all the artwork though.
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    I like nothing
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