Upgrades & Changes

  1. Novice

    Project 101 - Check that you know what your User Requirements are.

    What are YOUR user requirements?
  2. Karistiona
    I agree with Novice...now, where's the Like button?
  3. nancydrew
    I'm lost (surprise!). How does one check their user requirements?
  4. Novice
    Nancy - when you have something that gets developed, usually the developers check that it is fit-for-use by getting all the users to say what they need (eg if it's a gossip board, have a quick reply box & being able to put smilies in a reply), this cross between a social networking site & a gossip board is completely bogus given the troll & Internet stalking that has gone on in the past IMO. So IMO that doesn't fill my user requirements...
  5. twitchy2.0
    also, I require footrubs. I am unfulfilled
  6. nancydrew
    Oh I see what you're saying. I thought there was something else you were talking about. But I agree this shit is stupid.
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