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Thread: Eva and the Oscar-winner

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    Default Eva and the Oscar-winner

    Isn't it funny how there was barely a mention of the Desperate Housewives stars' love lives until the new series started on Channel 4 - and then suddenly, love is all around? Or is it? Hot on the heels of yesterday's rumours that Teri Hatcher is dating George Clooney comes news that her Wisteria Lane co-star Eva Longoria is rumoured to be dating Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.

    According to sources in the US, Eva and Jamie struck up a friendship after the Ray star invited her to appear in his latest music video. The pair then both attended Mary J Blige's surprise birthday party in Hollywood on Wednesday (oooh, happy birthday Mary J - sorry we forgot to send you a card) - then turned up separately to Monday night's Golden Globes, but attended the post-awards party together.

    However, hold your horses before you start thinking they're definitely an item. According to Eva herself, she's still going out with basketball star Tony Parker, who she's been dating for over a year. "I did Jamie's music video for him, so we're friends," she explains. "And he has Tony's blessing." So that's alright then..
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    Default Re: Eva and the Oscar-winner

    So she goes out to an awards show with a guy and they are dating..................I doubt it.

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    They are so fucking or will be. She strikes me as an opportunist. Anybody who can give her more exposure she will be with them. Jamie is at the top of his game. An oscar winner and he has the #1 record in America. Jamie does not appear to be the type of individual that would turn down opp.

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    ^^^ You are quite right, but do you really think that they would be fucking??? Because men if they are then Longwhoria is a bigger whore than I initially thought!

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