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Thread: Heath is apparently a sore loser

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    Default Heath is apparently a sore loser

    Ledger left hanging
    By Nick Papps

    January 18, 2006

    DID Heath Ledger have a dummy spit after missing out on the best actor gong at yesterday's Golden Globes?
    That was the question everyone was asking after he and his girlfriend Michelle Williams failed to appear at the traditional post-award press conference.

    Both had received nominations for their outstanding performances in the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain.

    A Globes organiser was heard by The Daily Telegraph asking one of the movie's producers why Ledger did not show up with the rest of the Brokeback team after it won best movie.

    "He lost out to Philip Seymour Hoffman," the producer said.

    Ledger's loss ended a tough few days that began with paparazzi spraying him with water pistols in Sydney and the defeat will mean Hoffman is now the favourite to take best actor at the Academy Awards.

    In a pointer to the upcoming Academy Awards, Hoffman tipped out Ledger to win the best actor award for Capote.

    "I wish there was a podium here - you wouldn't see my knees shaking," Hoffman said as he accepted his award.

    "I just was given the best part of my life."."

    Ledger's girlfriend Williams lost best supporting actress to Rachael Weisz.

    Despite the double disappointment, the film took four awards including best drama movie, best director, best screenplay and best song.

    The other big winner was the Johnny Cash film Walk The Line which won every major category it entered including best musical, best actor in a musical for Joaquin Phoenix who played Cash and best actress for Reese Witherspoon.

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    Default Re: Heath is apparently a sore loser

    I guess it wasn't an honor just to be nominated.

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    Default Re: Heath is apparently a sore loser

    Maybe they went home to see their baby

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    Default Re: Heath is apparently a sore loser

    ^^^ that's what i was thinking.

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    Default Re: Heath is apparently a sore loser

    ^No, they were at an after party. I guess they just decided to skip the press thing.

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    Default Re: Heath is apparently a sore loser

    I bet he can't even name last year's nominees -- that's how
    intrinsically insignificant these things are. Like Warren Beatty
    once said, the Oscars are business, but the Golden Globes are just
    for fun.

    They're basically paperweights.

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