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Thread: Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man

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    Default Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man

    12-15-2005-Gyllenhaal becomes a man

    By Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY
    He has done Disney (Bubble Boy). He has done cult (Donnie Darko). And he has been the pickle in the middle of the Weather Channel's worst nightmare in the effects blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow.

    But with the Marine histrionics of Jarhead behind him and the cowboy heartache of Brokeback Mountain opening across the country, Jake Gyllenhaal has become a man onscreen. He looks the part GQ slick with hair gently tossed and baby blues flashing.

    Odd thing is, he was a mere lad of 16 when first handed the script to Brokeback Mountain. "I was told it was a gay cowboy movie, and I didn't want anything to do with it," he says. "Then when Ang Lee came on as the director, I reread the screenplay and realized it had nothing to do with it."

    Almost 25, he is also confident enough to handle the intense encounters between him and co-star Heath Ledger. "I don't think it's ever easy to film a love scene. Love scenes for me are not spontaneous. They're very choreographed. I've learned, especially with women, that you have to be very specific. 'I'm going to put my hand here, then we are going to kiss, then I'm going to lay you down.' " (Related story: Heath Ledger talks to USA TODAY)

    Still, the actor concedes that the most exciting moment during filming was when Anne Hathaway, as a rich girl out to lasso a husband, exposes her breasts to him. "Months and months of repression," he says, laughing, "and finally ... "

    It helped that his extroverted character, Jack, came naturally to him. "I tend to push and prod and move toward progression. I want to push people into telling the truth or saying the truth. Saying what they feel. That's just how I work and how I try to live."

    He and Ledger were aware of each other before, but mainly as rivals. "I knew about him because we had auditioned for Moulin Rouge together, and we were the last of three people. It was me, Heath and Ewan McGregor."

    Of course, they both lost the part. "We've been friends ever since."

    They also are believable as more than just friends in Brokeback. "It's funny. After dailies would come in, James (Schamus, the producer) would say stuff like, 'You guys have so much chemistry.' "

    Something did come between the pair, however. Sheep. Lots of sheep. Bunches of bah-ing woollies that bear witness to Jake and Ennis' warming relationship.

    "The sheep were interesting," Gyllenhaal says. "They were the easiest thing. They just naturally herd, and they are naturally stupid."

    Gyllenhaal got along with his own wrangler, director Lee, as well. "He's incredibly smart. He never brags about it or shows off. And his movies are the same way."

    Like Ledger, he also had gay role models to draw upon for inspiration. "My godfathers are basically a gay couple, and I had gay friends growing up who came out when I was 16. I grew up in L.A., and it's just something I take for granted."

    Gyllenhaal has been gratified by the response to Brokeback Mountain. "Everybody, gay and straight or whatever their preference or perversity, they all seem moved by it."

    But he is most pleased by the accolades for Ledger. "Heath really delivered. I don't think people expect it. And I love actors surprising people."

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    Default Re: Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man

    GAWD! They're just so freakin' cute! Ok, I'm done.


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    Default Re: Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man

    Oh i bet theyre such good friends that they're fucking on the side. FUCKING I TELL YOU.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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