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Thread: Charlotte Church's family is crazy and on drugs

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    Default Charlotte Church's family is crazy and on drugs

    By James Millbank, Dominic Herbert, and Holly Jarvis

    SUPERSTAR Charlotte Church's mum tried to kill herself because her husband is a love rat hooked on cocaine and three-in-a-bed orgies, the News of the World can reveal.

    The truth behind Maria Church's recent overdose drama, when she was rushed to hospital unconscious, was revealed last night by two-timing James Church's mistress, Anna Goddard.

    She told how the scandal erupted inside the family just days earlier when distraught Maria believed that James—Charlotte's stepdad—had run off with her for good.


    In an exclusive interview Anna, 30, told how cheating James:

    SNORTED £100 worth of cocaine a night,
    LURED her into sordid, drug-fuelled threesomes propped up by Viagra,
    ATTEMPTED to persuade her to have lesbian sex with Maria
    BRAGGED of tormenting his wife for years with a string of lovers, and
    ENDURED a furious showdown with Charlotte when she learned the truth.

    Blonde Anna added: "I feel so sorry for poor Maria because James has treated her like a dog.

    "He goes off *****ing anything that moves, leaving Maria to drink herself into a stupor. It was hell for her.

    "He's a twisted sex addict who used me in his weird games.

    "Now young Charlotte is left to pick up the pieces and is desperately trying to keep the family together."

    Anna revealed how James, 40, told her his secret life was finally exposed when distressed Maria turned to 19-year-old Charlotte for help in a tearful heart-to-heart at their Cardiff pub, The Robin Hood. He said the teenager blew her top on learning the disgusting truth about her stepdad's drugs and womanising.

    In a fit of rage she stormed upstairs and screamed at James: "You've been *****ing around! You've been *****ing this and you've been *****ing that!"

    James told his lover: "Maria had told her everything, everything. Charlotte was p***ed and hysterical. How could I talk to her about this?"

    But Maria, 39, was now racked with guilt that she had involved her daughter and caused her more heartache. Fearing this was the end for the Church family and her 13-year marriage, she tried to blot out the agony a few days later by downing handfuls of strong painkiller tablets.

    James told Anna: "Maria tried to kill herself with these pills my dad had with his lung cancer. He gave them to me for my back. They're really strong, full of paracetamol, and she took 20 of them."

    Luckily she was rushed to hospital in time, and two days later was back charming customers at the pub.

    Despite the anguish, when Anna asked James why he was still married to Maria, he coldly replied: "Because it costs too much to divorce!"

    Well-spoken Anna recalled how she first became friends with the couple when she worked at their pub as a trainee cook in April.

    She said: "From the start James chased me relentlessly. He'd boast about how much of a ‘player' he was and that he had numerous girlfriends.

    "I didn't want to ruin his marriage and told him to call me when he was single.

    "He also said how he loved cocaine and could easily get some whenever he wanted.

    "I'd dabbled with drugs before but it was a shock to find out Charlotte Church's dad did it too—and how regularly he'd use it.

    "There was a time we did coke together while Charlotte was actually in the house as well. She never found out.

    "He'd carve out lines of cocaine on the kitchen table or in the lounge and snort it like it was nothing.

    "Then one night in April or May the Churches put me into a spare bedroom because I was absolutely wasted. Maria helped me get undressed and put me to bed.

    "But I woke up in the early hours with James climbing in with me. He leaned over, kissed me and suddenly we were having sex.

    "I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't help myself. Maria was fast asleep in the other room and I think he got a real kick out of the fact he was doing this right under his wife's nose. It was frantic sex, really quick, but it was good—really good in fact.

    "After that night we started sneaking off to my place to have sex and carried on like that for a couple of months.

    "Maria would be drinking and drinking through the night but she knew what was going on."

    Their fling fizzled out in July when Anna went back to her family in West Wales for a few weeks.

    But on her return things got even hotter when James seduced her into her first threesome with another brunette at his home. "It was one night in mid-August," recalled Anna.

    "I was in the spare room. In the early hours James got into bed with me and we started to have sex.

    "Then he invited me to join him with this other woman.

    "At first I was annoyed and said, no. But he kept on and I thought ‘Oh, sod it. I'll try it once.'

    "I got into bed thinking nothing would happen but the other woman was naked and really got into it. Afterwards we all fell asleep together. And I'll never forget waking up naked next morning with the Church family dog Queenie laying next to us all. It was weird!

    "Over the next few months I must have had 13 or 14 three-in-a-bed sessions at James's home.

    "James also asked me to have a threesome with Maria. We were having sex in the spare room at the time and Maria was asleep in the main bedroom. I was shocked and it made me feel queasy.

    "And he was using Viagra almost every night. I saw the pills in his wallet and he confessed that's how he could keep going all night."

    Anna insisted that when James vanished from home for a few nights last month, sparking Maria's suicide bid, she hadn't been to bed with him for over a month.

    "I thought it was all over," she said. "But then we slept together one last time. And Maria was convinced the affair was back on.

    "But James didn't leave her because of me. He said he left her because she was being a nightmare. And now he's gone back."
    oh no they didn't! and newsoftheworld

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    Default Re: Charlotte Church's family is crazy and on drugs

    I don't believe this story for a second. It's from the News of the World!

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    Default Re: Charlotte Church's family is crazy and on drugs

    her mother looks a nutter
    did u see the documentary on charlotte - her mum just seemed weird
    but if this is true - i feel sorry for her
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