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Thread: Mariah sports huge engagement ring...HUGE

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    Default Mariah sports huge engagement ring...HUGE

    Is Mariah Carey Engaged?

    Yesterday we were talking about her music and Grammy nominations.

    Today, however, we're chatting non-stop about Mariah Carey's marital status.

    The multi-million selling singer has sparked a barrage of rumours that she's set to walk down the aisle for a second time, after wearing a huge rock on her wedding finger.
    According to Teen Hollywood, Mariah accepted her fella Mark Sudack's proposal after he popped the question last week.

    However, the star herself is yet to confirm that Mark is even her boyfriend, let alone husband-to-be.

    Mariah met music executive Mark when he joined her management team. He has been credited with helping her recent career come back.

    If Mariah is engaged, it will be her second time as a bride.

    She married Sony record label boss Tommy Mottola in 1993. They subsequently divorced five years later in 1998.

    Either way, it's a mighty ring.

    Let's see...when she was 23, she married the CEO of Sony music.
    I wonder how important her hubby is now..."music executive" sounds
    suspiciously devoid of an impressive title.

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    Default Re: Mariah sports huge engagement ring...HUGE

    interesting new development.
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    Default Re: Mariah sports huge engagement ring...HUGE

    is his favorite food banannas?
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