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Thread: Jamie-Lynn Sigler DiScala's D-list ex

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    Default Jamie-Lynn Sigler DiScala's D-list ex

    D-LIST MUSCLE: Add Jamie-Lynn Sigler's estranged husband, A.J. DiScala, to the list of self-important nobodies. A Lowdown spy at the NASCAR Nextel party the other night reports that DiScala showed up at Marquee with a personal bodyguard to protect him (from whom, exactly, wasn't clear). "The guy walked everywhere with A.J.," says the source. "A.J. was sitting there [at a VIP table], and he'd be like, 'They're okay, you can let them in.' It was like being with Lindsay Lohan, but not." Later that evening, poor DiScala was forced to come to terms with his place in the celeb food chain when he and his bodyguard were turned away from Bungalow 8.
    Now I'm starting to understand why celebs only date/marry people who are more or less on the same fame level as they are. Cuts out these kinds of pesky little problems.
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    Default Re: Jamie-Lynn Sigler DiScala's D-list ex

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    Default Re: Jamie-Lynn Sigler DiScala's D-list ex

    maybe he's in the Mafia now

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