Blondie, Black Sabbath, and Miles Davis among those newly recognized.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is inducting an eclectic group of members this Monday. Among those honored were the punk rock group, The Sex Pistols, heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, and the early 80s Blondie.

Along with this already stunning line up will be jazz superstar, Miles Davis. Davis, who is known as the trumpet playing pioneer.

In their short, yet tumultuous career, The Sex Pistols carved the way for other punk enthused bands to break into the scene. Their greatest hit, “God Save the Queen” is an ironic, anti-monarch song that hit a nerve with the Pistols audience.

The non performer lifetime achievement award went to Herb Alpert, a man primarily known for his work with the Tijuana Brass. Instead of being honored for his musical talents, Alpert, along with partner Jerry Moss, is being honored for their record label success with A&M records. Their company is responsible for recording successes The Police and The Neville Brothers.

In order for any of these musicians to be considered for this honor, they must first have been in the business for no shorter than 25 years after their first recordings. The 21st annual awards will be held on March 13 and the inductees will be in good company with previous inductees Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.