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Thread: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

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    Default Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    From Lainey's Site

    Ryan & Rachel out and about

    "Fresh pics of new Canadian royalty Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams leaving a pub in Hollywood. My sources are reporting that he is completely smitten with her, was so attentive inside the bar, and is excited beyond belief to be spending so much time together. When they were greeted by the pappies upon their departure, Ryan initially didn’t mind until Rachel got fussy and insisted on being covered by his jacket.

    As I hear it, the only thing standing between these two and lasting love just might be her growing ego. This girl is getting a LOT of hype and I don’t have to tell you how fame can warp a personality, do I? Yes, gossips. Even the most grounded of Canadians are not immune to the trappings of showbiz sleaze. Pray for them y’all. Just like in The Notebook, let’s pray that his love can keep her real. Pray that his devotion and commitment, like Noah’s, will be a beacon for her in the most turbulent of times. And finally, let’s pray that theirs can be an affair for the ages, a lasting bond that can even conquer age and disease. Please let the movie come true. Ryan & Rachel fuh-evah! "
    could it be?

    I thought they were cute together when the notebook came out, but since then she seems like someone who wants attention and he doesn't like it at all.

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    Default Re: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    Ah my movies, make me rich and famous but FUCK YOU don't take my damn picture when I am out in PUBLIC. I don't want any people who put me where I am today to see me! Make up your minds you psychotic fucks.

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    Default Re: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    i refuse to believe she is anything other than classy...i think she's beautiful and a great actress.

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    Default Re: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    I want her bodyfriend!!!
    Felicity Shagwell. Shagwell by name, shag-very-well by reputation.

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    Default Re: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    Eh, I think even celebs deserve the opportunity to go out, have a cocktail or two and go home without having the paps all over them.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    Default Re: Rachel McAdams a "biatch"?

    meh. can't say i care for them. she looks like a boring girl-next-door (and those types are usually huge bitches in disguise), and he looks a bit, er, special.
    and i fucking hated the notebook! maudlin and cheesy

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