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Thread: OK! magazine declares war on Larry Birkhead

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    Lightbulb OK! magazine declares war on Larry Birkhead

    A gossip magazine says it cancelled a 1st birthday photo shoot with Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn because it discovered "potentially incriminating" information about Larry Birkhead.

    OK! magazine's editor-in-chief, Sarah Ivens, says she feels morally compromised dealing with Birkhead, Dannielynn's father, after finding the "shocking" and "detailed" evidence.

    "It breaks my heart that OK! has to pull out of a shoot that would have chronicled the next great chapter of Dannielynn's life," Ivens said in a statement.

    "But first and foremost, we care dearly about the well-being of the young one, and my moral obligation lies with her. So, it's unfortunate, but at the moment, my biggest fear is that Larry and Howard may have tricked us all."

    But Birkhead, who was proven to be Dannielynn's natural father in a protracted paternity case, said OK! was mounting a smear campaign against him.

    Birkhead told TMZ that an OK! reporter made threats to him when pictures of Dannielynn appeared on the cover of rival rag Us Weekly.

    He repeated the claim to E! Online, and threatened to sue OK! for "alluding to the fact that I'd be involved in anything ethical [sic] or immoral with my daughter".

    OK! claimed it had a four-part exclusive $1.7 million deal with Birkhead for photos of Dannielynn. Birkhead disputed this, saying the deal was only for the first pictures of Anna Nicole's baby, according to TMZ.

    The magazine and Birkhead have exchanged a series of heated e-mails over the deal's breakdown.

    Birkhead also accused the magazine of trying to micro-manage his daughter's birthday party.

    source: Gossip mag declares war on Birkhead
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    OK! is utter dross and drivel.

    Save trees and ban all these vile gossip mags.

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    Something is fishy here. There is no way, absolutely NO WAY in hell a gossip rag like OK would turn down the opportunity to make money off of anyone. They care about Dannielynn's well being about as much as I care for Michael Vicks!!

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    This was sort of posted earlier, but yeah, I am interested to see if OK actually has the guts to publish anything or if they've just learned that trashing celebrities gets them mentioned by other media...
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