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Thread: Dancing with the nobodies: Mel Brown competes in US version of Strictly Come Dancing

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    Default Dancing with the nobodies: Mel Brown competes in US version of Strictly Come Dancing

    Spice Girl Mel B is to compete in Dancing With The Stars, the US version of

    Strictly Come Dancing, it was confirmed - even though the singer admits she has no idea who the other celebrities are.

    Scary Spice held her head in embarrassment on a US chat show last night as she admitted she didn't have a clue who any of her eight fellow contestants are. The 32- year- old couldn't even name British actress Jane Seymour.

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    Greatest dancer: Mel B admitted to a TV host she hasn't heard of any of her competitors on the US version of show Strictly Come Dancing

    Mel, who got hitched to movie producer Stephen Belafonte in a secret Las Vegas ceremony two months ago, will follow in the footsteps of Sir Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills, who became a star of the hit show last year.
    When chat show king Jimmy Kimmel asked Mel if she knew everyone she was competing against she replied: "No." She joked: "Tell me the names again."
    Jane Seymour, singer Marie Osmond and former Beverly Hills 90210 actress Jennie Garth are also part of the line-up for the show.

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    Mel will compete against stars including singer Marie Osmond and actress Jane Seymour

    Other competitors include actress Sabrina Bryan, racing driver Helio Castroneves, supermodels Josie Maran and Albert Reed, actor Cameron Mathison, singer Wayne Newton, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and businessman Mark Cuban.
    Mel said she has been plucking up the courage to appear on the series for four years, claiming: "I have been a huge fan of the show since season one. I'm excited and I'm nervous. I started training this week and my feet are killing me."
    Kimmel joked with the singer that she should bring her new baby Angel Iris, whose father is Hollywood star Eddie Murphy, on to the set.
    He said: "You should bring the baby on the show and use the baby to get votes - like Heather Mills did with her rubber leg. It worked for her."
    Mel B will have a very busy autumn ahead as the show kicks off in the US on 24 September, around the same time the Spice Girls start their comeback tour rehearsals.
    Dancing queen: Mel will begin rehearsals for the popular dancing show around the same time as rehearsals for the Spice Girls comeback tour

    Dancing with the nobodies: Mel B competes in US version of Strictly Come Dancing | the Daily Mail

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    I saw her on Kimmel and she was one of the stupidest people I've ever seen. She couldn't even complete a sentence and she brayed this loud annoying laugh at everything (even stuff that wasn't funny). Jimmy literally had to basically finished her sentences for her she was so dumb.

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