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Thread: Myleene Klass shows off baby Ava

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    Default Myleene Klass shows off baby Ava

    Cradling her daughter's head, Myleene Klass takes time to examine five little fingers and a perfect button nose.

    This first picture published of tiny Ava Quinn captures a quiet moment that Miss Klass may soon yearn for.
    The singer and model is about to embark on a punishing training regime to lose her baby weight.
    She is planning long runs on the treadmill and a routine of stomach crunches and other exercises. Scroll down for more...
    Look of love: Myleene Klass cradles her two-week-old daughter Ava, who arrived a month early

    Miss Klass, 29, gave birth only two weeks ago but is keen to slim down before returning to her role as a presenter on the BBC's magazine programme The One Show in October.
    She came off air on August 15. Ava arrived the next day, a month early and weighing 5lb 9oz.
    Miss Klass is not the first celebrity mother to feel the pressure to slim down.
    Glowing: Klass in May

    Elizabeth Hurley, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow all shed their pregnancy pounds at an alarming rate.
    Doctors have warned, however, that extreme diets place the health of a mother's next baby at risk.
    A source close to Miss Klass said: "Myleene is going to have one more week of gluttony and then will work on losing her baby weight from September.
    "She is not on a diet as yet but will start with a vengeance on a number of gruelling sessions." Miss Klass, who models for Marks & Spencer and was a member of the pop group Hear'Say, is already finding motherhood exhausting.
    Ava appears to have inherited her mother's lungs and gives a vocal nightly performance that keeps Miss Klass and her partner Graham Quinn, 31, awake.
    A friend said: "The baby squeaks rather than cries at the moment but it is enough to keep them up."
    At Miss Klass's request, the Daily Mail gave a donation to the National Children's Home for the use of the baby photograph.

    Klass Act: Myleene shows off baby Ava | the Daily Mail

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