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    Default Mini Mariah Careys

    16/11/05 - Mini Mariah Careys

    Source - female first

    Mariah Carey is reportedly having 3-0-0 special dolls made of herself. The pop diva has allegedly asked toymakers to produce a host of miniature Mariahs, complete with a diamante replica of the butterfly ring she always wears

    Am insider is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "There'll only be 3-0-0 of them and while they're supposed to be for kids, they're likely to become instant collectors' items

    ' Last month, it was revealed the R&B beauty spends 15 hours a day sleeping in a room full of voice-preserving humidifiers before every live performance
    The sexy star reportedly insists on the extreme preparation to ensure her amazing voice is in top condition when she goes onstage

    She admitted: "It's bleak, but you gotta do what you gotta do Mariah also revealed she never gets out of bed before 5pm
    The stunning singer has confessed she stays awake at night and goes to sleep at 7am, and eats her main meal around 2am

    She explained: "I live in my own little universe'

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    Default Re: Mini Mariah Careys

    I would like Mariah to be more creative w/ her video's...lately its just the camera showing her at one angle and hot guy!!
    Can we have a story besides Mariah? She seems so full of herself, dolls of her?? Classic!!

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