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Thread: David Beckham's birthday surprise: a shopping spree

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    Default David Beckham's birthday surprise: a shopping spree

    Soccer star David Beckham received a birthday surprise from his wife Victoria Beckham yesterday (02May07) - a 20,000 ($40,000) shopping spree.

    The Los Angeles bound soccer player turned 32 yesterday, and former Spice Girl Victoria made sure his birthday went off with a bang by whisking him from Spain on a private jet and taking him on a surprise tour of London's trendy Savile Row.

    She treated him to a 14,000 ($28,000) watch, a 4,500 ($9,000) suit, 1,900 ($3,800) for hand made shoes and nearly 400 ($800) in shirts.

    A pal of David, who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid, says, "She got permission from Real Madrid but David had no idea what for. He was touched and loved every minute of it."
    David Beckham's Birthday Surprise.

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    Somehow I can't see Robo-Boobs wearing an apron and baking him a cake. She probably thinks it means more if you spend a lot of money.

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    I can't believe he's 32 already. Why would soccer sign a 32 year old when at that age every other sport is trying to get rid of their athlete.

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    Unimaginative and boring.

    She probably used his credit cards.

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    hahahaha "Robo-boos"

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    Wow with all their money this is all she could come up with for his birthday...pretty sad I know I would of been able to think up better things to do.

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    Happy Birthday, Honey! I'm taking you on an expensive shopping spree with YOUR money!!!

    What an idiot.

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