American Idol judge Paula Abdul insists she is "great friends" with Simon Cowell despite their fiery onscreen relationship.

But the 44-year-old singer-turned-talent adjudicator admits she tries to avoid the star when he's being overly facetious.
She says, "Simon and I actually get along great. We have cultivated a fun relationship. He's actually become a really good friend."
And Abdul is adamant any rumours of a romance between the pair is wide of the mark.
She explains, "He makes this stuff up. He said, 'Paula, people want us to hook up so bad.' I said, 'That's disgusting.' He goes, 'Paula, I know you want me,' and I go, 'Like a cold sore.'
"We have fun playing up the chemistry, but there's also times when I would cross the other side of the street so I wouldn't have to look at him." - Abdul: 'Cowell And I Are Great Friends'

They are so doing it.