11.07.05: Jennifer Love Hewitt Left Pushing Her Mini Cooper


JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was left pushing her Mini Cooper down Los Angeles' trendy Robertson Boulevard recently after a gas station attendant pocketed $40 (22.20) and didn't fill her up. .

The actress was forced to ask fellow motorists for help when her car came to a standstill after she was cheated at a garage. .

She explains, "I was on a very important conference call and I was in a dress so I thought, 'I'll let someone else put the gas in the car today.' I never do that.
"I gave him $40 and I drove away. It never dawned on me to check he'd actually put the gas in the car. He pocketed my $40, never put gas in the car and I get to Robertson, the one street filled with paparazzi and I'm like, 'Oh, it's not going... This is not funny.' .

"I had to get out and I started pushing my Mini Cooper down the street. Thank God I don't drive an SUV or something. .

"People got out and they helped me, with the paparazzi shooting photos. It was incredibly embarrassing. A paparazzi actually helped me go get gas for my car, so they're not all bad."

But Hewitt insists, despite her embarrassment, she won't be returning to the garage where she was cheated - to confront the cheeky attendant.

She adds, "He was a ginormous man; what was he going to do? He was not going to feel sorry for me. I should have checked. I've learned my lesson."

Source: FemaleFirst UK