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Thread: Victoria Beckham almost became a PETA target

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    Default Victoria Beckham almost became a PETA target

    VICTORIA BECKHAM almost became a target for the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after they mistook her false fur gillet for a real animal pelt.

    The former SPICE GIRL had a number of faux fur outfits recreated from designs she had seen at a Roberto Cavalli fashion show earlier this year (05), and after realising their mistake, PETA are now praising the singer for her leading example.

    YVONNE TAYLOR from PETA says, "On fur farms, animals are electrocuted or have their necks snapped for their pelts.

    "Victoria is proof that you can get this season's killer looks without having to kill animals.

    "Victoria has let PETA know that not only is she supportive of its high-profile anti-fur campaigns, she has pledged never to work with fur in any of her own fashion collections."

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    kill her anyways!!!

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    I hope she stays good on that promise. Currently this is her only redemptive quality IMO.

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    Default Celebs wearing fur -- Posh is next

    I wonder how long THAT pledge will last. Posh is a star
    and isn't about to let a bunch of patchouli-reeking Berkeley
    lesbians from PETA
    tell her what to wear.

    Big pic --

    From some fur guy's website:

    NEW YORK (January 21, 2004) - As the fur frenzy sweeps the fashion world,
    furs are finding their way into the wardrobes of celebrities spanning generations and lifestyles.
    Whether from the worlds of music, fashion or film, the most recognizable
    names in pop culture are sporting fur to reflect their individuality and fashion

    Beyonce, one of the greatest pop icons of our time, has won praises
    for her wildly inventive musical performances as well as her fashion savvy.
    ... On the red carpet, Beyonce adds the luxury of sable to her
    show-stopping evening ensemble.

    As star of the big screen, Daryl Hannah has played a variety of roles
    that have won her critical acclaim [Name ONE!]. ... Pairing a white fox boa with her glittering gold gown she embodies true Hollywood glamour...

    There are other names -- Jada Pinkett Smith, Hilary Duff, Lenny Kravitz (!?),
    and of course, anti-fur sell-out Cindy Crawford:

    Big Pic of Cindy wearing that touch of mink

    See? Being a star means you can forget anything you ever pledged,
    anything you ever promised to do without, any rules you made for
    yourself. It's a great job. Become a star TODAY!
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    Maybe I am low class...but Naomi's real fur looks no different than the fakes I've seen at Target! I can't really tell good fakes from real. My husband's Aunt was wearing a real fur stole at a party last year and I could've SWORN it was fake.
    So...hey! I can happily wear faux and I suspect most people can too!

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    fur makes me sneeze, don't get the difference between faux and real.

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    i dislike Victoria, but good for her this time.

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