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Thread: Madonna brings David to meet her Dad who has cancer

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    Default Madonna brings David to meet her Dad who has cancer

    MADONNA is taking baby DAVID on a sad visit to see her dad – who is being treated for cancer.

    The terrible family illness comes at a time when Madonna has been getting a lot of flak over her adoption of tot David Banda from a Malawian orphanage.

    Privately, the family must be going through absolute hell.

    The singer is preparing to take her three children on a harrowing trip to see their grandad TONY CICCONE in hospital in America.

    Madonna’s father has been getting chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer.

    The three kids — David, ROCCO and LOURDES — will accompany Madonna to see Tony on a one-day private visit at the Leelanau County Hospital in Michigan near his home.

    A family source tells me that Tony is not in immediate trouble and his treatment is going well.

    But, clearly, this is a serious illness and Madonna is keen for her kids to meet Tony while he is in relatively good form.

    Tony featured a lot in Madonna’s documentary I’m Going To Tell You A Secret which followed her 2004 Re-Invention Tour.

    In the film Madonna visited her Italian Catholic dad at his vineyard in Michigan and then he was filmed going to one of her shows.

    The family pal said: “Madonna is keen to introduce David to his grandad — although the circumstances are less than ideal.

    “He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

    “But at the moment the prognosis from the doctors is as good as can be expected.

    “It is just a shame that the family are going through this secret sadness when it should be a joyful time with the new baby.

    “And Madonna has been getting a lot of criticism for the baby adoption.”

    For many years Madonna, who had a strict upbringing, rebelled against her father.

    But during the Re-Invention Tour they became the closest they had been for years.

    She now credits him with being a major force in her tough personality.,,4-2006510561,00.html

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    Well, I guess Madonnas children finally get to spend more time with their mother. She needs to be seen in public as much as possible, holding David, for good PR, and her kids get to come along. I can't remember seeing pictures of her taking her other kids everywhere with her when they were small or even since they have gotten older, until now. Now we see them going everywhere with their mom and David. I bet its got Madonna worn out,....when she has to spend so much time with a child in her arms for good publicity pictures.

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    Why doesn't she just let the baby get used to his new home instead of dragging him all over creation? Jeez, Louise, how many miles has the poor kid traveled since Madonna took possession of him?

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