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Thread: Kelly LeBrock making comeback...or at least her voice is.

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    Default Kelly LeBrock making comeback...or at least her voice is.

    September 10, 2006 -- REMEMBER Kelly LeBrock? The plush-lipped former wife of Steven Seagal was a teen fantasy in "Weird Science" (1985) and an adult dream in "The Woman in Red" (1984). Now she's trying to make a comeback in an indie sex comedy, "Zerophilia," opening Oct. 13. But for some reason her looks didn't quite fit in her role as a seductress who beds Taylor Handley of "The OC" on a camping trip. Ex-model LeBrock, who used to say "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" in Pantene commercials, has her face shaded in the final cut, and all that's left of her is her voice.

    She's always come across as quite sassy but I've never understood the marrying Steven Seagal. I mean, he's really quite gross.
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    I watched her on Celebrity Fit Club. (I know. Trainwreck television!) I think her weight had gone up to 175 or something (she's 5'9"). She was pretty grumpy about not being able to eat. I didn't see the end of the series. Her goal weight was 135, I think. I guess she didn't make it.

    Erica Eleniak (sp?) is on CFC this series. She moved away from Hollywood, had a baby, and gained about forty pounds.

    Going from stunning babe to "fat woman with beautiful features" must really screw with you. See Taylor, Elizabeth.

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    I never thought she was that beautiful. She was flashy in an 80s way.

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    I guess her statement has come back to bite her. "Don't hate me because I am beautiful"

    Her new saying should be " Love me because I am ugly"

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