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Thread: George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

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    Default George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

    Living under the paparazzi's gaze

    By Kevin Young
    Entertainment reporter, BBC News

    Singer George Michael has said he intends to sue two photographers for harassment after he was pictured searching for "no-strings" sex in a park in London.

    He claimed in a BBC interview that he suspected two newspapers of paying the pair to follow him for "the best part of six months".

    But is this level of attention something a celebrity should expect?

    "It's not the norm, but it's happening more now than ever before", says Max Clifford.

    He is perhaps the UK's best-known publicist, having spent his career setting up - and suppressing - stories involving figures in the public eye.

    These days there were "more and more" paparazzi, he claimed, because "anybody who has access to a camera" could sell images to the press.

    He says he felt sorry for the former Wham! singer because "he's far more sinned-against than sinner".

    "It's been many, many years since he played the paparazzi PR game", Clifford says.

    He has far more sympathy for George Michael than for the Beckhams because Victoria Beckham is "always using and working the publicity machine", he adds.

    But while Michael says he "should not have to worry about who's watching me at 2.30 in the morning", actor Colin Farrell says he accepts the attention he receives as a celebrity.

    "Yes, it's a pain, and have I ever wanted to punch a paparazzi? Sure. But the pros outweigh the cons," he told the BBC News website.

    However, although some stars complain about being photographed illicitly, they are not necessarily blameless, according to one leading editor.

    "Some celebrities are in on the game and are taking half the money for these paparazzi shots," claims Jane Ennis of British magazine Now.

    "There are some celebrities who are in devils' deals because they know the shots will fetch a lot of money - so they're on holiday and they take their tops off.

    "The paparazzi photographer takes the shots from some distance away and the two of them share the money."

    Some celebrities do this to maintain their profiles, Ennis says, although she stresses this was not the case for Michael.

    "Some of them haven't done anything of any talent or ability for years," she says.

    "They're kept alive by behaving outrageously, getting photographed and those shots appearing in the papers."

    Moves have been taken to protect people in California from paparazzi who are felt to have overstepped the mark.

    Photographers who commit assault while chasing celebrities face large fines under laws introduced by the state's governor - and former film star - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    In the past 18 months, there have been several accidents involving celebrities who were being followed by photographers.

    Actress Lindsay Lohan was cut and bruised after a photographer's van collided with her car, although he was cleared of any charges.

    Lost in Translation star Scarlett Johansson had a minor crash while allegedly being followed by paparazzi.

    Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon claimed she was once chased by photographers who were trying to force her from the road.

    And singer Britney Spears was reported as saying her fear of "reckless" paparazzi prevented her from taking her baby son out in public.

    Perhaps the most famous case of all was the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.

    Three photographers were convicted of breaching French privacy laws for taking pictures of her on the night she was killed in a car crash in Paris.

    Earlier this month, Princes William and Harry said they were "deeply saddened" that Italian magazine Chi had printed a photo of their mother as she lay dying.

    However, there seems little chance that demand for such "off-guard" photographs will decline.

    "The public are more interested in the reality of people's lives and the unofficial take on their lives than they are in the stuff that celebrities and their publicists like to feed out," says Ennis, whose magazine sells almost 600,000 copies per week.

    And Clifford added that stars who sought publicity could not protest about the paparazzi.

    "If you're craving it and always trying to get it, you can't complain if they're following you around," he said.

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    Default Re: George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

    He must like the sleazy aspect of the hunt. Surely he's wealthy enough to have someone do his prospecting & screening for him - he could just sit back & have a new one-night-stand delivered to him every day. But no, he's cruising parks & restrooms, despite arrests & ridicule & exposure.
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    Default Re: George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

    Yeah, he should shut up and stop threatening to sue people. And cruise in nightclubs like the rest of us.

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    Default Re: George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

    George needs to PULL HIS LIFE TOGETHER, pronto! And stop blaming others. He did something stupid; he should own up to it, and move on.
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    Default Re: George Michael to sue two "cruising" photographers

    Damn George! Try like the rest of us!
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