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Thread: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

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    Default Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

    Newlyweds Nicole and Keith will move to Britain

    by BAZ BAMIGBOYE, Daily Mail 14:29pm 28th July 2006

    Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman will live in London with new husband Keith Urban while she films the blockbuster cosmic thriller The Golden Compass, the first part of Philip Pullman's best-selling trilogy of novels His Dark Materials.

    Her involvement in the film is now official.
    It's the first movie Nicole has signed to do since she and Urban, a country and western singer, held their fairy-tale wedding in Sydney, Australia in June.

    The Golden Compass fantasy is about the adventures of a precocious young girl called Lyra Belacqua who travels to a parrallel universe to save her best friend and other children who have been kidnapped by dark forces.
    The story will take audiences into a universe of fantastical creatures.

    Nicole will play the sinister scholar and socialite known as Mrs Coulter, a woman with a mysterious past and who has secret links to Lyra.

    Author Pullman revealed that he had always visualised Nicole playing the part of the glamorous sable-coated Mrs Coulter.

    Nicole's agents and executives from New Line spent over two months at what were described by one source at the studio as 'complex' negotiations to secure the actress's services.

    Part of the problem was that the film-makers wanted actors to sign up to be in three films, all based on Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

    The books are The Golden Compass (the US title is Northern Lights), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

    Pullman's tales became a publishing sensation, so much so that New Line Films acquired the screen rights to the entire trilogy of books.

    New Line made Peter Jackson's Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings films. They want to make the His Dark Material films in the same manner and roll them out over a three to four year period.

    Nicole will arrive in London in September and will work with director Chris Weitz and Dakota Blue Richards who has been cast as Lyra.

    Paul Bettany, who starred with Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code, is in the early stages of negotiations to take the role of the powerful Lord Asriel in the film trilogy. British stage actress Clare Higgins will also be in the film.

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keity Urban may move to Britain

    So will her kids live with her or Tom most of the time?

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keity Urban may move to Britain

    I'm betting Tom will get the kids more. With the divorce she got money and $cientology not telling the world embarrassing details she disclosed during her "auditing" sessions. While Tom got the kids

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    So when will she be spending time with her new "husband?"
    He surely isn't going to be staying in London while she works......I imagine he has to tour.
    Reminds me of Renee Z. and Kenny or whatever his name is.............

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

    Nicole is living with Keith in Nashville. Never heard or saw any pics of her kids in Nashville. They seem to always be with Tom. Keith had tour dates in July and has some in August-even in Sturgis, SD. After that, I don't know. I am guessing Nicole will only live in England while filming this movie. Maybe Keith will fly back and forth. She no doubt will fly back and forth, too. She has homes in Australia, too.

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

    Good riddance!

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

    Don't let the door hit ya.

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    Default Re: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may move to Britain

    The kids do seem to live with Tom and are school at the Scientology school. Looks like Nicole gave up custody in the divorce. Now if she is set to make a new movie I guess she will not be moving quickly to get pregnant afterall. Thought her big dream was to have a "child of her own". Guess the adopted kids don't count? She's 40 now so she better stop playing around.

    ETA - I wonder if she has told Keith the truth about her marriage to Tom and the "agreement".

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