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Thread: Sophie Anderton sexually assaulted by a fellow model

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    Default Sophie Anderton sexually assaulted by a fellow model

    British model SOPHIE ANDERTON was sexually assaulted by a fellow catwalk star in a hotel room. Anderton, who currently features in British reality TV show LOVE ISLAND, claims her attacker was a female supermodel who forced her to kiss before the 29-year-old screamed for help. She tells Maxim magazine, "She followed me into the bathroom, pinned me against the shower wall and snogged (kissed) me. "It freaked me out. I'm not into women. I had to call friends to come and rescue me."
    24/07/2006 07:45

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    Default Re: Sophie Anderton sexually assaulted by a fellow model

    Well this could be any number of people...........

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