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Thread: Kathy Griffin D-Listed by N. Korea?

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    Post Kathy Griffin D-Listed by N. Korea?

    A pre-recorded interview with comedian and ultimate fag hag, Kathy Griffin, was scheduled to air tonight on CNN's Larry King Live. Many expected this to be an opportunity for Griffin to explain the real story behind her marriage woes. Instead, Larry King went Live with reaction to North Korea's missile launch.

    Back to the important stuff -- all reports seem to confirm that Griffin is splitting from her husband Matt Moline because he stole cash from her. Seems like the magic number is $72,000. What D-List celebrity has $72,000 in cash laying around?!

    There's also a bit of controversy behind Matt's role on Kathy's reality show "My Life on the D-List." On the show, Kathy says she and Matt are reconciling; but recent Bravo-TV leaks say Matt showed up every morning before the reality crews started taping. Some believe the whole divorce is one of Kathy's many wacky publicity stunts.
    by: Charles Winters

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    Default Re: Kathy Griffin D-Listed by N. Korea?

    rofl sucks for her! i kinda wanted to see it too, but korea is a much more pressing issue...don't care if it was bono, angelina, or whoever.

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