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Thread: Sandra Bullock may be pregnant

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    Wink Sandra Bullock may be pregnant


    Sandra Bullock and hubby Jesse James were spotted taking their 3-legged Chihuahua mix Poppy, a rescue dog that Sandra adopted last year, for a walk in Los Angeles over the weekend.

    Sandra, who stars in this summer's 'The Lake House', was showing major baby bumpage suggesting that the 41-year old actress might be pregnant for the first time!

    What's more? Sandra has just finished a string of films and has no future projects in the works.

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    Default Re: Sandra Bullock may be pregnant

    i love Sandra Bullock and more power to her for marrying Jesse James. I hope she can hold her own in this marriage, she has her own money and self-esteem (he doesn't have too good a track record with his other wives.). She won't have to be his Secretary or Inventory person to compete with him. I hope they make it and that if she is pregnant, he will treat her like the Queen that she is!!!!!! Then that baby will have some kickass loving parents..

    plus how can you go possibly go wrong with a 3-legged rescue Taco Dog ??? LOLOL

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    Default Re: Sandra Bullock may be pregnant

    Wonderwoman, I love how you posted the telephoto/tele-scoping pics zeroing in on Sandra's tummy - hilarious!
    Claude os, aperi oculos!

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    I remember false rumors flying last year about Sandra being pregnant also. Yawn... snore...
    Go Habs Go!!

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