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Thread: Britney Spears' bodyguards play cat and mouse with the paparazzi

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    Default Britney Spears' bodyguards play cat and mouse with the paparazzi

    Britney vs. the Paparazzi, Malibu Stand-Off
    Tension escalates at Country Mart

    (Feb. 11, 2:35AM ET) -- A full-fledged war appears to have erupted between Britney Spears' body guards and the paparazzi in Malibu on Friday.

    Britney's guards swarmed the Malibu Country Mart, site of the Malibu Starbucks which is popular with celebs and close to Brit's property, all day Friday, filming the paparazzi. The guards were allegedly driving Kevin's black Audi, at times switching cars to what appears to be Britney's Escalade.

    Click here to see the video of the day's events unfolding

    According to our sources, an altercation occurred between a paparazzo named "Agnon" and one of Brit's guards, and Malibu police tell TMZ that they're now investigating the issue.

    Agnon claims that at one point Friday Brit's guards tried to force him off of the road.

    After police arrived at the parking lot scene where the incident took place and spoke to papararzzi who were witnesses, they followed the Escalade back to Brit's property, and were seen entering her property.

    It seemed like a game of cat and mouse. Brit's people would speed off and then the paparazzi would speed up to try to catch a shot (with the hope of that maybe they'd catch a shot of Brit, behind the tinted windows).

    A TMZ reporter, working on a story about celebrity privacy in Malibu, captured this baiting game on tape.

    "It's almost like the guards are trying to bait the paparazzi to be aggressive," said TMZ reporter Patti Bartos-Fellows. "Everyone's out here filming each other. It's chaos here today."

    Britney was not seen at all on Friday by any parties involved.

    TMZ has not been able to reach Brit's publicist for comment.

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    Default Re: Britney Spears' bodyguards play cat and mouse with the paparazzi

    Hum. Maybe they are trying to gather some evidence so Brit can come off clean about the baby in the lap incident?

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