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Thread: The tomato that's shaped like a duck

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    Default The tomato that's shaped like a duck

    Strange fruit: John Owen found a duck-shaped tomato in his greenhouse. He added stickers to give the appearance of eyes

    John Owen has been gardening for 40 years, but the sight that greeted him in his greenhouse recently was a definite first.
    When the pensioner went to check on his vegetables, he was stunned to find a duck-shaped tomato staring back at him.
    The retired farmer, 70, said: 'I've not seen one like it before, that's for sure.
    'I went out into the greenhouse to check on my vegetables and I saw this strange little tomato looking back at me.
    'It was hanging upside down so didn't quite see the duck-like features until I pulled it down and put it on the table.
    'It's amazing and I have no idea how it has ended up looking like this. It is a complete freak of nature and I don't think it will ever happen again.
    'I had to check I wasn't living next to a nuclear testing site.'
    The deformed tomato has given him plenty of laughs and has become a bit of a celebrity on his street, with dozens of neighbours coming round to have a look.
    Rather than putting the tomato into the frying pan and adding it to his full English breakfast, Mr Owen, from Brownhills, Staffordshire, has decided to keep it as a souvenir - until it rots away.
    It is not the first time he has caused a stir with his green-fingered exploits.

    In 2004 he became the proud owner of a pumpkin measuring a gargantuan 6ft following what was his first ever attempt at growing the traditional Halloween fruit.
    Duck-shaped fruit and vegetables may not be as rare as Mr Owen thinks, however.
    Earlier this month, Patricia Bragg from Essex found a mallard-shaped courgette - which bore an uncanny resemblance to Beatrix Potter character Jemima Puddleduck - nestling among leaves in her allotment.

    Spitting image: A grandmother was left stunned after growing a courgette that looks like Beatrix Potter character Jemima Puddleduck

    Quackers! The bizarre tomato that's shaped like a duck | Mail Online

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    uh, it looks more like a , well, vagina and friends.
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    That tomato does not look like a duck to me...kinda reachin' there. The second pic, the courgette or whatever does though.

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    It doesn't look like a duck or walk like a duck....
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    It looks more like a tiny penis with ginormous testicles.
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