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Thread: Bakery trolls Ansel over cronut cease-and-desist

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    Default Bakery trolls Ansel over cronut cease-and-desist

    The tweets aren't showing up for some reason so i just did a couple of screenshots but go to the article link to see them (it's a jezebel blog, so it's safe), they're hilarious.

    Bakery Trolls Dominique Ansel Hard After Receiving Cease-and-Desist

    C.A. Pinkham
    Filed to: CRONUTS GONE WILD Today 7:28pm

    After a Reno, Nevada bakery started making cronuts (and calling them that), they received a cease-and-desist letter from Dominique Ansel's cronutterie in New York. What happened next is one of the most delightfully sarcastic things I've ever seen.
    What Ansel apparently didn't realize is that he was dealing with some of the most naturally-gifted trolls I've ever seen. Rounds Bakery could've done what most places would do in this situation and rolled over without a fuss despite "cronut" being a generally-accepted term for a combination of a doughnut and a croissant. Ohhh, but Rounds had something far, far funnier in mind, so they took to Twitter, and...well, see for yourself. It starts out pretty normal:

    Aaaaaand that's when the fun starts:

    (That one is my favorite, for obvious reasons)

    Rounds fans have also been getting in on the action:

    Rounds itself wasn't done, either:
    There's a lot I could say in response to this, but honestly, nothing could sum up my reaction better than the following:

    Yes, that is who you think it is. Look, if Tywin Lannister is giving you the slow clap, it's time to accept the slow clap. Can we hire whoever is in charge of Rounds' Twitter account to deal with #GamerGate? Because I'm pretty sure this Twitter genius could sort those fuck-knuckles out in a couple of hours, tops.
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    Lol they need to go out and trademark #notacronut ASAP.
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