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Thread: Fashion designers introduce less than zero sizes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aella View Post
    Exactly, and there's such a thing as body structure too. Even when I was at my heaviest, my hips were never more than 93 cm-they're 88-89 now, and I don't consider myself too skinny, it's just my bone structure. Mind you, I don't have a small waist like you (I'm at 66-67), so finding clothes that fit is a bit of a bitch regardless of size. Thank God for low-waist jeans!

    I think clothing companies should provide for a wider range of sizes/heights/body types, period. My best friend is tall and skinny with a teeny waist and regular-sized hips, another one of my friends is petite and small all over, another one extremely tall and slightly curvy, and what we all have in common is having trouble finding clothes (especially jeans) that fit!
    Exactly. I don't know why it's so hard for some people to believe that there are people who are actually small and have a healthy look in spite of the measurements, and not sick or coked up like Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie with their ribs sticking out. Like you, at my heaviest (15 kg over what I weigh now... that's a lot for my structure) my hips never got past 94 cm.

    I feel sorry for the many Japanese descendents we have here. They're so tiny they have to buy kid's clothes. We do have different descents, and a different diet here in Brazil, and a lot of girls are smaller than me.

    Clothing companies should also provide pants with shorter leg sizes. Like you, I have trouble finding clothes: I always have to buy extremely low pants because when they are a bit higher they have that extra room for the hip fat I don't have. I also have a hard time finding tops and dresses that fit my waist and my teeny-tiny boobs. Someone should invent magical clothes that just fit any darn body shape.

    Sidenote in deffense of those who have EDs, as there are people on the board who do: people who have a disease deserve just as much respect as others who don't.

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    This whole problem would be solved if they just used the actual measurements like men's sizes.

    It'd also help with the length problem. Even size 00 jeans for me are a few inches too long with heels on--around a foot too long if I'm wearing flats.

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    ^^^That would be WONDERFUL. No more guessing & wasting time, and trying on 3 different sizes.
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    I would be so happy if that happened. I project hate at the catalogues of J Crew and Abercrombie for their vanity sizing... I honestly hate thinking that I wear a negative size and I know some people out there hate hearing it. My favorite jeans come form Lucky; they really are true to size.

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