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Thread: Eyeglass suggestions needed

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    Default Eyeglass suggestions needed

    I'm pretty sure I will need glasses and I don't mind wearing them but what is the current hot look for an oval face?

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    Ovals can wear anything. That's the ideal face shape.

    I have a roundish face, so I look best with rectangular frames.

    When you go to pick them out, the salespeople are usually very good about helping you tell what looks good.
    I like to pick out about 3 or 4 different frames, and narrow it down from there.

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    The last time I got glasses I tried on probably 40 different frames. The person who helps you choose frames asked me a bunch of questions such as how do I wear my hair, makeup, clothing style, etc. Then she picked all the frames. I tried them on and she would say "yes" or "no". We whittled it down to 4 pairs and I ended up with 2.

    I have a very narrow long face and will usually only be offered 1-2 frames or kid frames. So, I went to a place that specializes in trendy frames and fitting frames to faces. I would try something like that. The eye exam was good and thorough as well. Look in magazines to see what's popular with people that have a similar shaped face.

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    i have worn glasses for 40 something years and i HATE getting new glasses. its always a project.
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    When I go to look at new glasses I see lots of square shaped ones. It takes a little time to get used to them but they look good on pretty much everyone.
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    Just try on lots of pairs. You'll instantly know which ones are wrong and the right ones should be instantly obvious too. Just look in the mirror. I wouldn't get too caught up with what's in 'fashion' as they will quickly go out of fashion too. Pick the pair that suits you.
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    Can I recommend a site? zenni and
    are great for buying cheap glasses. Its a LOT better than paying loads at the eye doctor.

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