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Thread: Music is in the air as Viktor and Rolf go girly for Paris Fashion Week

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    Default Music is in the air as Viktor and Rolf go girly for Paris Fashion Week

    Any jaded Bridget Joneses who think romance is dead need only glance at Viktor & Rolf's show to console themselves that it's alive and well and living in Paris.

    To the strains of Close To You by the Carpenters, the Dutch duo sent out a collection as pink and frilly as a gaggle of bridesmaids at a big church wedding.
    Even the girliest girl would feel saturated by the amount of saccharine hues on the catwalk, as flouncy dresses in myriad shades of blush, candyfloss, lipstick and fuchsia were revealed.

    Scroll down for more...

    Music to your ears? It would be hard to pull off this violin inspired look on the high street

    Even the shoes came in baby pink patent, with rosettes at the front for extra sweetness.
    Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are regarded as conceptualists - which is another way of saying that their clothes are sometimes difficult to wear.
    Even so, they recently managed to pull off a hit collection for high street chain H&M, distilling their often crazy tailoring into wearable pieces that retailed for under £100.
    The exercise in self-restraint seems to have served them well, for the spring 2008 collection was their most commercial yet. The trademark ruffles and tricksy tailoring were still there, but distilled into gentler, easier shapes.
    Taking as a motif the harlequin and his striking chequered clothes, diamonds of black lace appeared as decoration on the pink dresses, while the heels of towering wedge sandals had black and white checks. Harlequin ruffles were also present on cocktail dresses, trimming asymmetric shoulders or finishing off high-necked gowns.
    There was amazing workmanship in the lace intarsia on the back of a long, pink fishtail gown, although some pom-poms may have been a little too fussy. Scroll down for more...

    Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are regarded as conceptualists

    Mimicking the pearlised lustre of the pink lace sheath dresses, the make-up was unusually lush, with pink blusher snaking right up to the eye sockets for an effect that was straight out of the Eighties.
    Although Viktor & Rolf like nothing more than the flourish of a bombastic evening dress, the most desirable dresses were for day, with a cream satin shift in a washed-out rosebud print looking particularly desirable.
    If the tiered cream satin dresses were a bit too girly, at least they were tempered by some androgynous sharp black suiting - another Viktor & Rolf trademark. In contrast to the slim-fit black jackets and skinny white shirts, trousers were wide and slouchy, skimming the floor. The tension between masculine and feminine is a well-worn Viktor & Rolf theme, but on this latest outing, the feminine won by some way.

    Music is in the air as Viktor and Rolf go girly for Paris Fashion Week | the Daily Mail

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    God. It's ... special. Violin is «so 2008». ahaha.
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