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Thread: Jennifer Lawrence & husband Cooke Maroney in New Orleans

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    I really like the dress, she just needs a larger size to cover the Covid weight like everybody else.
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    ^there aren't many people that this dress would actually look good on. the fabric looks like the kind that shows every lump and bump, even when it isn't way too small.
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    Well that dress is definitely burn worthy and doesn't fit her in the slightest but I don't think she's pregnant. She seems too self absorbed to be pregnant, at least now anyway. Give her another 5-10 years.

    I think she just like alcohol.
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    maybe you've never met a self-absorbed pregnant woman?
    i long ago stopped believing any of the tropes re: who has children and who doesn't. most self-absorbed narcissists have kids too.
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    Ha, when I was in my late 20s early 30s and newly married, the subject of kids came up (as it always does) My boss (a man, of course) said, in front of me, "oh she's too selfish to have kids". The man knew nothing about my thoughts on kids or any reproductive issues. But yeah, he was right, 30 years later and I don't have kids, but it had nothing to do with being selfish.
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    It’s a terrible dress and she has gained weight, lol so have I….lately I run away and scream at any full length mirrors.
    l’m not used to being chubby ☹️ And am living in serious denial. #fuckcovid
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    Looks like she's gained the Covid 19 and paired it with an ugly dress. But her husband looks good!
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