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Thread: Angelina Jolie with sons Pax and Knox in NYC

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    Default Angelina Jolie with sons Pax and Knox in NYC

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    Even though I dislike everything she's wearing, it's still an improvement on her usual granny pumps and dowdy frocks. She's got junkie eyes though.
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    Those are still granny shoes though, in nude of course.
    When did the 90‘s print cups come back out? Seeing them in those pictures brings back memories. I remember them being brighter.
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    She looks pretty good, but I don't like what she's wearing. On a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how the paps are always able to catch Angie & the kids out & about with such good quality & candid close-ups every time.
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    She needs a shoe stylist otherwise I can't complain.

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    i think her casual wear is awful. a sloppy looking, stretched out t-shirt and a flannel skirt that looks like it came from a d-grade 1990s arbitrage floor.

    and don't even get me started on those shoes.
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    Elite Member Beeyotch's Avatar
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    Those shoes are so bad.

    Do people really wear open toed flats like that in NYC? Like unless they live a chauffered lifestyle? The few times I tried that, my feet were so filthy at the end of the day, the city grime got in from just walking around.
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    i wore sandas in nyc. i just made it a habit to wash my feet in the bath when i came home at night. i still do it but more because there's nothing like cold water on tired legs in summer.

    the t-shirt and shoes don't offend me even half as much as that hideous, matronly, heavy and just fucking awful skirt. who the fuck wears that, much less in summer?
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    The skirt looks very heavy for summer.

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    That outfit is just plain weird but I think that a lot about her style. Not only are things ugly, but they don't usually make sense for the situation. Last post she's wearing a chiffon 1950s matron of the manor dress while out to dinner and now a big old wool skirt in the summer.

    I wonder if she won't wear jeans / pants or something that fits her lower half because we'd be stunned at how freaking thin she is? She is always adding volume to her lower half.
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