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Thread: Sofia Vergara - America's Got Talent taping in Los Angeles

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    Default Sofia Vergara - America's Got Talent taping in Los Angeles

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    If those were bellbottoms, she could be Charo. May be time to change the dynamic.

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    This is bad. And bad does not even fit for the shoes. They are atrocious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daphodil View Post
    If those were bellbottoms, she could be Charo. May be time to change the dynamic.
    Everything looks so dated. But I doubt anyone in her circle has the never to tell her otherwise. Not even Manolo.
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    Ugh. What's going on? And WTH is she doing on AGT?
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    Her face was age-defying for so it appears she's hit the wall with botox and fillers. She looks like a 50 year old trying to look 30. Sucks to age in Hollywood.

    These dresses are not flattering on her. She's very petite and her huge boobs were still in proportion with her frame. In these shots, everything looks over developed.
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    Sofia is one of those people I have an irrational dislike for. I want to slap her every time I see her. I don't know why I clicked on this thread, because I know what my reaction will be.

    She is a beautiful woman, but agree that she needs to stop the fillers, botox, etc. She looks so much cuter and comfortable in the first dress with the sunglasses. She looks overdone and has that Mariah Carey about to pop out of her skin look in the shiny dress.
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    I actually like the dresses, especially the butterfly print one. But the boobs just kind of take over in a ham-fisted way.

    I think she's just fallen into the unfortunate blow-up doll typecast--the stereotypical overly sexy Latina weather girl type. It's not even knowingly campy like Charo. Just eye-roll-inducing, and unfortunately the norm is heavily rewarded in Latino entertainment culture. But I hate it. It dumbs everything down and lowers the bar for everything, everyone, everywhere.
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    I don't mind the first dress, it looks rather nice. The second one is too over the top.

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    I love both of the dresses too honestly, but not on her. Actually, I think she ALMOST pulls them off but not quite, and I don't want to say it's because her face looks old because I honestly think that's from caked on make up. But idk, the bottom one especially just seems like it would have been more appropriate on a 2005 Britney Spears.
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