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Thread: A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?

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    Default A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?

    A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?
    As Osama bin Laden is fond of saying, "Reciprocal treatment is part of justice." More on this story. "A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?" by Julia Duin for the Washington Times, December 3:
    The Saudis have recently asked permission to build a mosque in Moscow , a city where there are only four mosques and 2 million Muslims. The Russians, however, are saying they want, in return, an Orthodox church in Saudi Arabia .
    As we all know, the Saudis have a habit of constructing mosques in dozens of world capitals while forbidding houses of worship for any religion whatsoever outside its Wahabist brand of Islam. They've gotten some bad PR locally for some of the hate language in textbooks at the Saudi Academy in northern Virginia . Not only are hapless Christians terrorized and jailed for daring to hold private prayer services in Saudi Arabia , but God help them should they try to convert someone to their religion. And that's for a fellow People of the Book: One can only guess at what the treatment of Buddhists and Hindus must be like.
    Wouldn't it be so ironic if the Russians were the first Christian body to win acceptance of the right to build a church in, say, Riyadh ? (Some of the Russians are calling for a church in Mecca , but the chances of any other religion getting a foothold within walking distance of the world center of Islam is less than zero.) Of course we all know the Saudis aren't about ready to let Bibles or other religious literature, let alone a church, anywhere near their homeland, but all the same, it's amusing to see the Russians give the Saudis a taste of their own medicine.

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    Turn about is fair play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Turn about is fair play.
    Hell yes! (no pun intended)

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