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Thread: Who else wants to obliterate T-Mobile off the face of the planet?

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    Thumbs down Who else wants to obliterate T-Mobile off the face of the planet?

    I bought a Razr phone from this sorry-ass company. It didn't work right. They sent me another one. It doesn't work right either.

    Furthermore, I have had little or no connectivity since I moved on July 1 to an area that only has one cell tower way up on a hill away from my house.

    They are saying they will not let me change out this piece of junk, which I paid $149.99 for. I have been arguing with them for over 1 hour, and I haven't let up. I understand from other people that this company never backs down. Well if I have to, I will sue their sorry asses in small claims court for my cancellation fee and the cost of the phone.

    Update: A supervisor came on and finally offered me an $80.00 credit for my trouble. She is mailing me a later version of the same damn phone. )Supposedly it has better programming with better reliability.) This will be my 3rd Razr phone. I don't want it but I have to live with it unless I want to splash out more money on another phone.

    T-Mobile and Motorola don't want to admit that the Razr phone is a substandard product. So they pass off the phones on the public so they don't have to eat PR crow or the cost. Well in my book I won. I have an $80 credit and 200 extra minutes for all my trouble.
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    T-Mobile is a substandard product. I have listened to them for over two years promise me that I will have better reception in my area soon. There are only two places that I can talk on the phone in my house, and they are both standing right next to a window.

    T-Mobile sucks. I can't wait until my contract expires.
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    Unfortunately I renewed mine, and I have 1-1/2 years to go.

    I wanted a camera phone and I chose the Razr because it has a big screen (I need bigger characters). I could care less about trendy. They charged $150 with an $80 rebate. The phone is crap. They were just unloading them bigtime right before Motorola came out with a hugely better phone that everyone went for (this was like July/August of last summer).

    What I'm deducing from the situation is that T-Mobile doesn't want to let people switch, so Motorola finally had to ante up an upgraded Razr to meet the demands of all the millions of people wanting an exchange. The phones are not a good product. T-Mobile represented to me that this new piece of plastic (upgraded Razr) they're sending me has "better programming" or "better Technology" or something like that.

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