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Thread: What video game systems do you want (for gameheads!)?

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    Red face What video game systems do you want (for gameheads!)?

    This coming winter, just in time for the Christmas holiday, is round 2 of the video game console wars. It's X box 360 vs. PS3 vs. Nintendo Wii. While the 360 has the headstart, I think the other two will catch up nicely.

    If I had the ducats, I'd go buy the PS3 (though I'd have to wait til next year as all pre orders are taken). You know all the cool games go to playstation first. But at 399 for the "cheaper" model and 599 for the decked out one, it's kinda pricey to say the least.

    I have been intrigued by the Wii, I believe it will be the sleeper underdog hit of the season. It's the cheapest system compared to the other two, and the control system looks amazing. While the graphics are not next generation (I've read that its graphics just edge out the xbox/gamecube/ps2, but not next gen like the ps3), it does have lots of cool things going for it, like the controls and the ability to download and play the entire library of nintendo games all the way back!

    Check out this cool trailer for the Wii game red steel:

    another cool trailer

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    I've been waiting for PS3 way too long, my patience is running out.

    I want Nintendo DS though...looks fun and I wanna play the old school Mario Brothers.

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    I want a copy of Theme Hospital for my PS2. I loved this game when I had it for my PC and now want to play it while lying on the couch. Also, I'd murder for an original copy of Theme Park...not the second one, Theme Park World, but the first, where kids would vomit and people would die on the roller coaster.
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